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London based Dario Mitidieri began his carreer in 1987 for the Sunday Telegraph and for the Independent, where its revolutionary use of black and white photography provided him with a wonderful opportunity to showcase his work.

In 1989, Dario Mitidieri travelled to China to document the students demonstration in Tiananmen Square, little knowing that he would witness one of the most brutal army repression in modern history. For his work he was awarded British Press Photographer of the Year, and recognized worldwide as one of the top emerging photojournalists.

In 1994 his book “Childern of Bombay” was published in six languages, the result of a year long project about the lives of street children in Bombay. Described in French Photo Magazine as one of the ten most important photographic books of the decade, “Children of Bombay” has given a voice to children who occupy the very bottom rung of India’s social ladder.

In the years that followed, Dario Mitidieri photographed many other significant events, including the Kobe Earthquake in Japan, Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna’s last race, the conflict in Northern Ireland, the Iraq War, the Tsunami in Indonesia and was able to work on other long term projects such as Children in Wars and Charismatic Evangelism.

His latest project, Lost Family Portraits, has received critical acclaim and used extensively both on printed and social media worldwide.



2016, World Press Photo, People Category, Singles 3rd Price, The Netherland

2013, 2010, 2008, 2006 AOP Awards, winner or shortlisted, UK

2005   Getty Images Grand in Editorial Photography, USA

2004   General News Stories, World Press Photo, The Netherland

2004   International Photography Awards, 2nd Place Feature, USA

2000   D&AD Awards, Silver, UK

1998   Leica, C.F.P. Photo Award, Italy

1996   Nikon Photo Essay of the Year, Nikon Press Awards, UK

1994   Leica European Publishers Award for Photography, Europe

1993   Premio Fotografia Periodistica La Nacion, Argentina

1993   Visa d’Or, Internationa Festival of Photojournalism, France

1991   W. Eugene Smith Award in Humanistic Photography, USA

1989   Photographer of the Year, British Press Awards, UK

1989   National Union of Photojournalists Photographer of the Year, UK


2003   Un Mondo Possibile, Peliti Associati (collaborative book)

2001   Photo – Journalism, Crans-Press-Celigny: RotoVision (collaborative book)

1997   People and Railways, Peliti Associati

1996   L’ultimo Ayrton, Giorgio Nada Editore

1994   Children of Bombay, Peliti Associati