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Gian Paolo Barbieri is the greatest fashion photographer of the Italian art scene. It is well known that he was held in high esteem by prominent figures like Diana Vreeland, Yves Saint Laurent, or Richard Avedon, but he also worked with some of the world’s most iconic actresses and models of all time, such as Audrey Hepburn, Veruschka and Jerry Hall.

He took his first steps in photography as assistant to Tom Kublin, photographer for Harper’s Bazaar, and then began his career by being published in Vogue. During his career he has worked directly with the most important designers of all time.

His multifaceted personality and his many talents have made his photography unique and inimitable, due to his ability to conceive his pictures through personal creative processes, heavily influenced by his formative years with Luchino Visconti, Rossellini and Pasolini.

Barbieri’s work is infused with his passion for the theatre and the cinema, his enormous culture, his curiosity about distant places and ethnicities, for nature and for the most diverse objects that animate his photos, that he sometimes even created himself, following his inspiration.

Knowing him is a constant surprise, as Barbieri is not just a photographer but an artist who uses photography when he doesn’t paint, create or design real or imaginary spaces.

His sense of colour, composition, the skillful use of light through tools that he himself created, and then the sense of madness, of irony, of respect for any subject photographed make Barbieri a particularly loved character who has been able to move with innate elegance through the complex international fashion world.

Restless, always looking forward to the future, he uses classic techniques for contemporary projects.